The Creator - Eddy

My name is Eddy Hope and in short, I’m a husband, father of two, left-handed¬†analog enthusiast, designer, consultant, biscuit lover.

Over the years I found it difficult to maintain any sort of digital structure to keep myself organised until I found the power of Pen (pencil in my case) and paper. I now wax lyrical about all things analog and why I think pencil and paper is the most powerful combo in your productivity arsenal.

As a result of my adoration for fine stationery I have launched a new blog where I talk about all the analog tools and systems I use and love and to hopefully help people find the right stationery for them. The blog is called… Dear Analog

I also has a passion for children’s literature and launched where I write book reviews and interview children’s authors. So if that’s your thing check it out ūüôā

The Why

The Calendex was created to solve an issue with a particular¬†analog¬†system I was using way back¬†in 2013 called the Bullet Journal created by Ryder Carroll. You may be familiar with it… It’s huge! But, for me, there was one thing missing from the Bullet Journal, there was no¬†real¬†way to plan for future events. So I wanted to create my own method for doing just that.

I also wanted to create something which was truly flexible and would work alongside any paper planning setup you happen to use and in any notebook.

Get Started

If you’d like to know more and get your own calendex up and running simply visit the ‘start here’ page to get going. And while you’re at it sign up and join the online community to get resources, hints, tips and a FREE quick start guide.