So... what is the Calendex?

The Calendex is a calendar/index hybrid. It is a simple, flexible and adaptable analog future planning system giving you a birds-eye view of your schedule harnessing the power of the humble notebook.

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Core Features


The Calendex is so simple, you only need a pencil, a notebook and about 2 minutes to draw it.


You can customize to your hearts content. Add colours, stickers, washi tape or stick with a minimal aesthetic to suit your needs.

Stand Alone

No matter what notebook you use The Calendex can be added to it and fit seamlessly alongside your current organisational system.

Handy Grid Layout

A simple grid system that gives you an easy to digest visual way to see when you are free or otherwise engaged.

Unpaired Flexibility

There are so many different ways it can be used for... tasks, events, appointments, school lessons, work schedule. Shall I go on?


The Calendex has a wide array of fans from around the globe who use it in different ways and love to share their version. Join in.

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