Can the Calendex really handle recurring events?

If you're new to the Calendex or even a semi-pro, you may be wondering how on earth are you supposed to actually manage recurring events or tasks. Well, it couldn't be easier...

The good news is, you won’t be needing any others tools or pens or to achieve analog recurring bliss in your Calendex. The only addition you’ll actually need to keep you right is a key so when setting up your Calendex, make sure to leave enough room either underneath or next to it for the key.

In this post, I’ll cover some of the basic principles of minimalist visual aids and colour coding. These are things anyone can be implementing.

The Minimalistic Approach.

The image below shows you a very basic framework of the Calendex. The layout is a 3 month spread one page (you of course can adapt this to your needs) with the usual days of the month down the left-hand side etc.

Calendex Recurring tasks

Now, for example, let’s say that your monthly mortgage payment is due on the 7th of each month. On the 7th row draw a little tiny triangle in one corner of a square in that row (which square is down to you) I’ll go for the second one just so it’s clear and I will put it in the top right corner. The corner you choose is important but I’ll explain below. Add this triangle to each month that the payment is due until you have something which resembles this…

Calendex Recurring tasks

The corner you choose has no relevance at this stage until you add it to your key and ‘tag it’. Now hopefully you should have enough space either underneath your calendex or to the side, to add a key. This is where you draw a matching triangle (the same added to 7th Jan square) in the same top right corner of a square in your ‘key’ location. Here is the Key I added with the tagged triangle…

Calendex Recurring tasks

A quick glance at your Calendex will show you that something is repeating across the 7th of each month (marked by the triangle) you now just have to peek at your key to remind yourself of what that something is.

Colour Coding

Next up is pretty much an identical methodology only with different visuals. Some people tend to prefer using colours as it could be argued that they stand out more.

Instead of using a triangle shape in the corner you fill the whole square in with a colour of your choice. Using lighter colours here is a better option as you can write a page number over the top if you need to.

For this example, I have used green to represent ‘Payday’ which happens to fall on the 25th of each month. You could, if you wanted, colour in the whole 25th row or you can just go with the square. I opted for the square here but feel free to mix it up and experiment yourself. Obviously, do the same on each month, you should have something like this…

Calendex Recurring tasks colour coding

Next, you need to return to your key and fill in the new information. Colour in a square ‘green’ and tag it with payday.

Calendex Recurring tasks

And there you have it. An extremely simple way to manage recurring tasks or events in your Calendex. I’ve added an extra couple of things to the Calendex and added it to the key so you get more of an idea of how it looks and works…

Calendex Recurring tasks

Taking it further

You can take the triangle corner method a little further too its part of the reason they’re so so effective and the main one is because they are adaptable themselves. Let me explain what I mean…

In the photos above, I have drawn a simple triangle outline to represent a monthly or weekly ‘thing’ that needs doing. Using the example from the pictures, you see your mortgage payment is due on the 7th of each month, as this date comes around you (hopefully) pay your bill on time, but how do you check off that it is been paid? Just colour the square in! It’s so simple. You can use coloured pens, pencils, whatever you like, just something to let you know that the task has been done.

I’ll use a red so you can clearly see how it looks…

Calendex Recurring tasks

This is just one example of how the triangles can be used. Feel free to go nuts and try different things. You could:

  • Put coloured dots inside them
  • Only colour half of it in to represent ‘progress’
  • A fully coloured triangle from the get-go to mean a different recurring task/event

Here’s a shot of what they could look like…

Another reason why I like the triangles is they still allow enough room in the square to add a page number to reference an event as normal.

Calendex Recurring tasks

Well, that’s the bread and butter of it folks. It’s extremely simple but very powerful. I hope this has opened your mind to the different ways the Calendex can handle recurring tasks or events. Don’t be scared to experiment with different colours, shapes etc do what works best for you.

Hopefully, this can take the Calendex to the next level and help you get more done. If/when you try this out please let me know what you think in the comments below.

Happy Planning,


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If you\'re new to the #Calendex or even a semi-pro, you may be wondering how on earth are you supposed to actually manage recurring events or tasks. Well, it couldn\'t be easier... #productivity #planner