Yes it can be done!

If you've been struggling to squeeze a Calendex into your pocket notebook then look no further, I want to show you how it can EASILY be done.

As mentioned throughout this site, one of the main strengths of the Calendex is its flexibility. This can be shown off in perfectly by it changing the look slightly to fit in a smaller notebook. And here’s the tip… turn your pocket notebook sideways. It should look like this…

Pocket Calendex

The reason for turning it sideways is because there are not enough rows to allow for 31 days of the month from top to bottom but as soon as you turn it you’ll find there are about 33 squares (in the pocket Leuchtturm). So that’s enough for you 31 days and a couple more for some extra wiggle room.

Also, the columns representing each month, are narrower than if displayed in a medium notebook like most users do. So if you wish to draw in the year like I have done here you’ll see there are 2 squares (spaces) for you to add your page number references.

From there the Calendex will work in exactly the same way as before like in its bigger form.

Have you set your Calendex up in a pocket Notebook yet? If not, give this a try and let me know how it goes in the comments below.

Happy Planning,


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Setting up your Calendex in a pocket notebook


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